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Online Advertising Network
ul. Marszałkowska 89
00-693 Warszawa
(+48) 501 593 881


ul. Marszałkowska 89
00-693 Warszawa

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Online Advertising Network Sp. z o.o.
ul. Żeromskiego 7, 05-075 Warszawa
NIP: 9522167057
REGON: 36812865700000
KRS: 0000691949
Kapitał zakładowy: 250.000,00 zł

Cloud Technologies Group

Cloud Technologies is the online advertising leader in the segment of Big Data marketing in Poland. The company has unique competencies in big data marketing and data monetization. It is the biggest data warehouse in Europe and the fastest developing business listed on NewConnect. Cloud Technologies has devised analytical tools covering data of virtually any internet user in Poland. With Cloud Technologies data, marketers can personalize online advertising campaigns and develop Business Intelligence solutions for businesses.


OAN (Online Advertising Network) sells advertising space of publishers as networking products. OAN offers a variety of products for data-driven ad campaigns, including display and mobile campaigns, Video, and Performance.

Audience Network

Audience Network deals with comprehensive services for advertisers, including Data Consulting and use of OnAudience.com tools to reach wider audience. Our experienced Trading Desk has access to the most popular advertising marketplaces in Europe. It executes retargeting campaigns, and offers unique solutions for website traffic analysis and conversion.


OnAudience.com is a platform for advertisers and publishers operating on 40 markets, providing comprehensive products to effectively enrich and monetize data. It features unique technologie Data Management Platform (DMP), which allows to integrate and manage data from different sources. It also provides the largest 3rd-party database in Europe composed of over 27 billion user profiles from all around the world.

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